Chow4Change 2.0


On the 9th of September, we hit up our second Chow4Change event for the year. Working with the teams New Acropolis and City of Johannesburg,  close to 300 homeless people made their way through our doors. As with the previous Chow4Change, these people were given a hygiene pack, a chance to choose new clothes from the Street Store, a meal from the Pop Up Restaurant, and, of course, a chance to have their portrait taken. We printed close to 150 portraits during the course of the event, and, for the first time, a few I.D. photographs, too.


This event was unbelievably successful, and left everyone, volunteers included, with smiles on their faces. Thanks again to the incredible teams from New Acropolis and City of Johannesburg, and of course to our amazing Help Portraite Team.



We held our second Help Portrait Pretoria event on the 22nd of April in collaboration with New Acropolis. The event was held in Jo’burg CBD, and we had the chance to work with over 100 homeless men and women from the city. They were given the chance to pick out a few new clothes from the Street Store, to have a meal served to them in the Pop up Restaurant, and, of course, to have their portrait taken.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to New Acropolis and City of Johannesburg for making this event possible. And, of course, this event would not have been possible without our epic team of volunteers.

Potter’s House


We held our first ever Help Portrait Pretoria event on the 3rd of December at the Protea Hotel in Pretoria Central. We had the opportunity to photograph, and compile CVs for 150 women and children. And man, it was awesome.

A massive thank you needs to be said to the Tshwane Leadership Foundation for all of the organization, and to our wonderful team of volunteers who made the event possible.


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